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United for revolutionary societal advancements based on uncompromised ideals

The New Enlightenment Citizens Union

The New Enlightenment Citizens Union is the organization of people united in support of the public policy proposals detailed in The New Enlightenment and Amazon as Metaphor to advance our economic and political systems.

All donations will be used to promote the public policies detailed in The New Enlightenment and Amazon as Metaphor. Help us grow so we can create a culture of justice and shared prosperity.

Whether you can afford a donation or not, you are welcome in
The New Enlightenment Citizens Union.
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Small seeds can grow into something huge and vibrant,
as can our political movement

Many examples in history exist where political movements started small, grew, and  succeeded in achieving its goals of major public policy changes.

Too many Americans have lost hope that our political and economic systems can well serve the majority because they have been captured by an elite who will not yield their power to serve themselves at the expense of everyone else. Rampant extreme pessimism is creating self-fulfilling prophecies of continued social decline. For anyone hopeless, here is information that can contribute to creating hope that you likely have not considered. It involves arithmetic and simple algebra: The Viral Spread of Ideas (Excel file) The Viral Spread of Ideas (PDF)

Eventually, it will likely be necessary to form a new political party.  62% of Americans believe a third major party is needed, the highest the Gallup polling organization has ever measured. Both major political parties are serving the country poorly.

Essential to The Peaceful Revolution are Your Demands of Your Representative

Sample Script for You to Modify to Demand the Public Policies of Our Political Movement that You Most Favor be Instituted:

No good reason exists for the conditions where over 40 million Americans live in poverty and the middle class is shrinking while a small elite’s wealth booms. 400 American’s wealth is valued at $4.5 trillion, which is more than the total wealth of the least wealthy 63% of American households or about 212 million Americans—an obscene level of inequality. In the wealthiest nation in history, 38.3 million are food insecure and between 600,000 and over 1.5 million people are homeless.

Wealth, income, and power has been concentrating into a small elite during both Democratic and Republican administrations and Congresses for over 40 years and the rate of growth in inequality between this elite and everyone else is increasing.

Congress is continuing to fail to meet the needs or represent the will of the majority of Americans on issues of fundamental importance. No policy proposed by Congressman/woman (name of your representative) or considered by Congress to solve our extreme economic and political inequality problems is adequate. This is no longer acceptable.

[Then select some policies you consider most important from The New Enlightenment or Amazon as Metaphor for your advocacy. If any are among those detailed or summarized on this website, include a link. If they are not, contact us, and we will send you a PDF of the policy to forward to your representative.]

We must institute these robust solutions to our extreme economic and political inequalities. I will only support candidates that work to institute these policies, and I will work to oppose any who do not. Please contact me with the decision of Congressman/woman (name of your representative) on whether he/she will work to institute these policies. Thank you.

Forums To Express Your Demands

Contact your representives using their phone number, email contact form, and address easily available at the links below:



Call 202-456-1111, use the email form at,
or send mail to:

President Joe Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Other Ways to Advance the Policies You Most Favor

  • Get the time and place of your representatives’ next town hall meeting so that you can attend to express your support of public policy program described in The New Enlightenment and Amazon as Metaphor or the specific policies you most favor. If no town hall meeting is scheduled tell your representative that you would like to schedule one and invite him or her.
  • Speak to or otherwise communicate with groups on policies detailed in The New Enlightenment and Amazon as Metaphor.
  • Write letters to the editor, and if you participate in online forums post entries describing New Enlightenment and Amazon as Metaphor policies and expressing your support.
  • Join and donate to the New Enlightenment Citizen’s Union. Funds are needed for advertising.
  • Organize public events and demonstrations promoting the public policies of The New Enlightenment and Amazon as Metaphor.
  • Tell us what you are doing a few weeks in advance so we can assist.
  • Robert Bivona, author of The New Enlightenment and Amazon as Metaphor, is available to speak to groups. Use the website contact form or send an email to if you have a venue.
  • If you would like to start a local chapter of The New Enlightenment Citizens Union, please contact us. ​We will provide you with information and print copies of the book at a discount.

As The New Enlightenment Forms the Scales of Justice Will Come into Balance

The Foundation for the Fundamental Social Advancements of a New Enlightenment

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